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Five Thoughts on Creativity

February 2020

To create is to bring into existence. Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas. I contend we all need to exercise more creativity in our own world and for those around us.

1. Creativity requires courage. We tend to limit the conversation about creativity to the arts, music, drama but never about me. We dismiss it as less valuable however in today’s world I believe it’s a powerful force that is needed everywhere we go. We were made for it. To create anything always brings a feeling of some fear to it. To

try something new or step into new space is always intimidating. All the fears start to come out when we bring something new. What will they say, think or will they love it or hate it. These can not be the driving force for our decisions. Without it we find ourselves being on repeat and never seeing and hearing originality. Creativity isn’t just for the arts, it’s for ALL of us! As believers we have access to the very thoughts of our creator and creativity released is what helps cover the earth with his glory. When it gets seen it points to the creator just like creation does in Rom 1.

2. Creativity Creates: I know that’s deep right? Creativity creates solutions, answers to problems, ideas that haven’t been tried before. It produces music that moves us, words that inspire us, buildings that make us wonder, parks, landscapes, colors, sounds, educational ideas, breakthroughs in medicine, better business

practices, cool apps, fun foods to eat. You get the idea. When creativity comes it brings life. I will always be contended for, the devil hates life. It’s my belief that we all possess creativity because we are made in the image of our creator. To say we weren’t created is a great strategy to separate us from the one who made us. No

creator equals no creation and therefore no Father that loves his creation. There is creativity inside of you. When you recognize the creator this is the start to understanding the creation that is you.


3. Comparison kills creativity. Nothing stops you from showing your true self or expressing creativity like comparison. Your art will not look like someone else’s. When you try and do it differently the internal pull is to conform or simply shrink back. Fear will want to be the first to talk you out of it. This has to be fought if innovation is to happen and solutions are to come. To do it because it’s the way it’s been done or tried before is to say we have leveled off and are content to atrophy. This happens to people and to places. Whole communities die when creativity is stifled and new ideas are not fostered and celebrated. We can’t say things like ‘we’ve tried that before or we don’t do it that way here.’ These kill solutions before they are even tried. Push off the doubt, don’t look around, go for what’s planted inside you.


4. Creativity pushes poverty out. Poverty isn’t a bank account. It’s a way of thinking that systemically wants to rob us. It says things like ‘there are no other options for me and I have no choice.’ Creativity is the opposite. It produces options, possibilities and ways of thinking that we have not known. When the world closes in and you can’t see a way out, creativity opens other doors. This to me is where prayer and resting in God’s presence brings solutions. I have more answers after worship than when I am anxious and struggling. When creativity is lived out and expressed it gives. It gives options but it also gives things like joy in depressed areas, fun in environments and beauty we didn’t see. The problem is when it doesn’t exist or happen we experience the affect of it’s loss. We repeat history and never gain ground. Entrepreneurs are great examples of getting art on canvas. They produce a creative idea all the while thinking why has no one done it this way. When seemingly hitting dead ends or hear loads of no’s they protect the idea and keep going.

5. Creativity requires space – I need space to think in my head, my heart and in my schedule. Creativity requires room for failure, course corrections, what if questions. Creativity is proven best when having fun, getting rest and exploring nature. Remember the last real solution you had probably came when you weren’t even

trying to think of the answer! Technology that was created to provide us with more time has eaten away at our ability to stop and think for ourselves as we crowd more and more in. The speed and rate at which we often live chokes out even the chance of original thoughts.


In this hour I am for the creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, musicians, tech jobs, business owners, teachers and those willing to take a chance. Take a chance, take heart and try something new. Explore, go off a path, fail and fall a few times, laugh and try again. Look at stars, check out creation, encourage someone else and find the creativity that is placed inside you.


Chris Abington Feb - 2020

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