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City Church Family,


This month we will celebrate our 50th anniversary as a church and we are grateful for all Jesus has done and is still doing in us!  We are taking time all of October to celebrate the fact that Jesus has been the center all these years and will be for the years to come!  We are wanting to collect 30 second testimonies from everyone we can about how Jesus captivated our hearts and continues to today.  We'd like you to video your answer to the following question after you've read and prayed and then follow the instructions provided to send to the church. 


1. Tell us about when Jesus first captivated your heart (this can just be one part of your testimony, how you came, what he did, where you were before you met him, what did you see, how did your life change, what he changed in you etc...)  We want these to be authentic in your experience of meeting Jesus.


We hope to have as many testimonies collected as possible as we give Jesus honor.  We want to use these as well to share the gospel with others via our media outlets so pray and ask, sit, and listen, get captivated by Jesus again and send us your video!  


To share your Captivated Testimony please follow these simple steps.

1.    Record your 30 second video via phone in horizontal view.

2.     Click here

3.    Once you click the link, choose your file to upload.

4.    Complete

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