Believe - a Study Plan for the Book of John

Overview of Book of John (Part 1)
Overview of Book of John (Part 2)


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Join us on a journey through the Book of John 

February 7th - 27th


This is 21-day Study on the Book of John.  

February 28th - March 7th

This is a 8-day Study on the Miracles Jesus performed in the Book of John

March 8th - March 14th

This is a 7-day Study on the "I AM" statements of Jesus.

March 15th - March 25th


This is an 11-day Study on Jesus and the Upper Room.

March 26th - March 30th

This is a 5-day study on John 15, and the secrets of the vine.

March 31st - April 4th

This is a 5 Day Study on Why Easter is important, as we approach Easter Sunday.  

We exist to see God's Kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in heaven